The vulnerable support program reaches out to orphanages fondly referred to as children’s homes in Ghana. The homes support children who are orphaned by one or both parents or are vulnerable where a parent is either unable to care for his/her children, causing abuse or neglect.Some issues leading to vulnerability include poverty, physical / mental illness, incarceration, abuse and abandonment.

These homes provide a safe haven for the children until they become young adults able to fend for themselves. In Ghana the government does not support these individual orphanages. These orphanages depend on donations from well-wishers to meet their many running cost including food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare.

These orphanages are usually begun byGood Samaritan to assist a few children but because of many children needing support, many orphanages assist over 70 children. In the seasons when support is not forthcoming for their basic needs, the quality of life for these poor children is unfortunately affected.

The issues

Often children come into the orphanage from traumatic situation, thus needing intense medical, nutritional, counseling and care in the first few months of being in the home. Many orphanages start schools to help reduce education costs and give specialized attention to the children to help improve their performance in a nurturing environment. The orphanages take up the costs of providing all the basic need for the children in a safe and serene nurturing environment. The costs of running an orphanage on a daily basis are high and the cost also increase as they take in more children and as emergencies occur.

Over the years, many children have greatly benefitted from the support of individual, corporate well-wishers locally and across the world. However, this support is inadequate as many of the well-wishers give donations that are once off or available for short period of time. Given that these orphanages often care for these children for the whole period of their childhood, these are needed to provide longer term solution to avail resources needed.Helping orphanages to find innovative ways to reduce running cost and generate income that would help them reduce dependency on donors and to become self-sufficient with time.

How we can help

HOPE 4 THE SPECIAL PEOPLE has slowly embrace this model by initiating projects that will reducing cost of living andto start several income generating activities that will slowly helpto cover the cost of the orphanages and school. We intend to reduce cost through income generating activities including a bakery, poultry project and recently a rabbit production project to support the orphanages. They have now started a greenhouse project to give additional nutrition to the children’s meal and also sell vegetables to the nearby community for income.

The next phase of this project includes completing the purchase of land to avail space to expand the school, orphanage and the income generating activities. By completing the purchase of land, the children will have playground, space to grow both the school and the income projects above with no monthly rental cost burden to provide capacity to the staff in diversifying and marketing the products made to suit various markets and increase sales. There is also need to mentor the HIV support group of 32 members and 4 mentally handicapped children to start diverse income generation activities for sustenance of their families

Phase 3 involves using the additional space from the land to provide continuity of the sustainable

Education project, in which the school is providing education for students to enable them meet the cost of education for the orphanage. H4TSP has also seen the need to purchase school van to provide transport for families staying over 4kms away and are willing to pay fees as well as subsidized transport cost. The van will ensure safety for the children while marketing the school to potential parents.

The impact 

Short Term Impact

The orphanage will have adequate space for the orphans and school to cater for the academic needs of the children. The land capacity to grow the income generating projects will work towards sufficiently meeting the cost of running the orphanage and school. Having this available means, we needs no extra rental cost is a great reduction on capital cost for every new initiative.

Long Term Impact

The project will adequately meet the running cost through initiatives that reduce cost and/or generate income. The orphanage and school will similarly work towards finding solutions to future needs through initiating this model, thus creation of sustainable and self-sufficient organizational culture to addressing poverty. It will engage the community to actively support the centers needs by purchasing goods and services that they need, resulting in on-going mutual benefit

The community

The community:

With the aim of creating an empowering culture within the underprivileged communities, we partner with communities to utilize their resources, strengths and networks towards meeting growing individual and institutional needs sustainably.


Some communities have benefited from this project and we are still workingonraising funds to expand the project in other communities.