BECOMING a sponsor helps us to continue our work here in Ghana. Say NO to Child Labor, Poverty, Hunger and Illiteracy in Ghana PERMANENTLY, NOT TEMPORARILY. And also support physically challenge persons.

Sponsor one of our Events

H4TSP runs a number of events throughout the year, ranging from larger events such as FEED THE HUNGRY CHILD and BACK TO SCHOOL EVENTS etc. ... We are always looking for sponsors and partners for our events to enhance them at every level. If you, or someone or a company you know would be interested in sponsoring any of our events, please contact us on any of our addresses. Sponsors get a huge range of benefits, including exposing their material and product as we hold events. Sponsorship helps us maximize on the fundraising potential of our events and enable businesses to highlight their ethical credentials.


The H4TSP’s Back2School program is for underprivileged children who are being denied basic education due to social and economic reasons, child labor and lack of parental care.

In impoverished communities such as Chorkor, many children are deprived their human right to education due to many poor choices made on their behalf. Children are often found working in the local market or fishing at the seaside. In some cases, children are simply sitting in the house doing nothing.

As public education is free in Ghana, there are other expenses involved which families find a burden and often discharge their children, when they cannot meet those needs. As a result, the percentage of students dropping out of school is very high. The primary level as well after completing Junior High School.

We have made commitments to remove children from the streets and place them in a classroom. As a result of our BACK2SCHOOL program, EACH child will be matched with a sponsor who pledges to support the expenses involved in sending a child to school. Sponsorship covers school fees and/or levies, uniforms, exercise books and supplies. Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to reach University level. H4TSP is at the forefront of empowering communities through education.

Be a God mother or Father of a child (NOW)

Would you like to sponsor a child through our BACK2SCHOOL program?