Education helps people to access and enjoy other rights.

We consider education a fundamental human right and a core element of our work in Ghana, because it enables people to access and enjoy other rights. This is why we work with excluded groups and stakeholders in education to challenge the commoditization of education, democratize the learning process so that all children have free access to quality education and ensure that the government fully assumes its obligations to provide a quality basic education to all.

Our vision for education extends to work with government to form partnerships across society to ensure quality early childhood education and adult learning that is linked to social change.

Within this area, we aim to:

  • increase citizens’ participation in forming and managing education policy
  • promote access to education as a right
  • support efforts for sufficient resources to the education sector
  • support efforts to increase access to education and retention in school for vulnerable children and secure their rights.

Children around the world suffer due to the lack of political will and incorrect choices made by adults. Many children do not have access to adequate food, shelter, healthcare or basic education. They face the most difficult economic conditions, and their survival is a daily challenge. Limited access to education is driven by economic, social and cultural factors.

This is an unfortunate reality in Ghana, West Africa where many youth live in abject poverty. As a consequence, parents often make tough decisions, one of which is the decision to remove a child from school. In many cases, children are simply never enrolled in school. Needlessly, youth are committed to a lifetime of suffering, exploitation and poor health. Limited educational opportunities perpetuate an already bleak outlook for youth around the world.

Based in the poor farming village of DC Kura and Kanimo, in the Moin district of the northern region of Ghana, Hope 4 the special people works within these villages to achieve our mission of ending cycles of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and child labor in Ghana.

These children face the issues of illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition, malaria and other illnesses, prostitution, rape, slavery, domestic violence, and neglect. Here at H4TSP, we strive to address these issues, and seek to provide the best education, support and help possible to deal with their unique situation.

In addition to these programs, H4TSP has also implemented a Community Outreach program; which helps to educate the community on large issues such as, family planning, environmental hazards and health, HIV/Aids and Malaria. H4TSP is determined to see our children succeed from the ground up, whether it be right from preschool, primary school, high school or university. WE ARE IN FOR THE LONG HAUL!