Free education is been given to the governments schools in Ghana. But many children are forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot afford the school learning material, uniform and other needs. As a result, these young people’s outlook becomes bleak and hopeless and they are forced into prostitution, armed robbery, child labor or low income employment.

How can we help?

THE sponsor a child program works with local partner schools to identify children in the community who need financial assistance in order to be able to attend school. Many of these children are prepared to walk miles to get to school without complaint. With sponsorship, these children are able to return to school and to progress as far as tertiary level. 

The costs for sponsoring a child for one year are:

1. Primary School (grades 1-7) $490 / GBP313/ EUR394.02/

2. Secondary School (grades 8-9) $590 / GBP376.88/ EUR474.43/

3. High School (grades 10-12) $690 / GBP440.75/ EUR554.84/

*School prices increase as children move into secondary education and have different requirements. Your annual sponsorship  will allow your sponsored child the following:  Grades 1-12: 1 years education, 1 school uniform, school shoes, school sweater, English, Math’s and Social Studies text books, school backpack and stationery pack.

If you are unable to commit to sponsoring a child, you can make a donation to the 'Sponsor a Child Reserve Pot.'  The reserve pot acts as an 'emergency fund' that can be used to financially aid children who don't have sponsors. A percentage of the pot also goes directly to the schools we support, meaning that the children attending those schools have access to improved facilities and better learning materials.


Short Term impact

Enabling a child to go back to school means that they will spend their days off the streets and under proper adult supervision. This is a much safer and healthier situation for many children who currently spend their days alone and unsupervised home

Long term impact

A formal education gives children and young adults the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to earn a living and support themselves in the future.


Hope 4 the special people has a target to work with several different communities – known locally as compounds – throughout Ghana, including dansoman, chemu lagoon and mamprobi. Just to name only a few. However, figures are difficult to accurately measure given the transient nature of the towns and the locations of surrounding settlements.

A painstaking tour in Ghana file revealed that teenage pregnancy was on the increase, which had resulted in number of children of school going age roaming in the community. The tour also revealed that the unplanned nature of the towns / communities has exposed the inhabitants to communicable diseases and unhygienic practices-related diseases. a closer study of the area also revealed that a nursery school was being run close to the beach in the chorkor communities, upon questioning some residents about the poor location of the nursery school, the file gathered that due to the unavailability of public toilets in the area, the children use the beaches should the need arise.


In progress of raising funds to continue the project.