We believe there is no better exercise for your heart, than reaching down and helping to lift someone up. At H4TSP we know that, it's only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or doubt, then we can truly know what love means. Be part of the team NOW

At H4TSP we believes that giving kids clothes and food is one good thing but it's much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important, and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them in the service of other people.

Knowing that you are helping to create a peaceful world and a safer planet is only a fraction of the pride that a volunteer should feel every time they lend a helping hand. Give your hand to serve and your heart to love. The hearts of h4tsp volunteersare not measured in size but by the depth of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. Volunteer with H4TSP today

Been unwanted, unloved, uncared for, and forgotten by everybody is much greater hunger, much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. We must find each other through our willingness to help others as we learned to be happy rather than depressed. Intend or volunteer now with Hope 4 the special people


Hope 4 the special people foundation is a public charity organization with the mission of ending cycles of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and child labor in the world permanently. H4TSP works with people in poverty and distress to create JUST and POSITIVE change through empowering, partnerships and responsible actions. Helping ALL, regardless of their religious beliefs, race or sex. Furthermore, to work for the well-being of those who are less privileged, children and adults who have developmental disorders and are at risk of facing serious problems for themselves, their families and society at large. Also to strive for the implementation of legislation & other methods for the attainment of the fundamental rights for the Disabled Persons which they should have as a beneficiary of the Foundation.

Aids, Ebola, Cholera, Malaria and Cancer Awareness

This awareness campaign reaches out to the entire world; malaria kills a child somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. This disease is a cruelly potent child killer, especially when combined with the poverty in which much of the developing world lives. In the absence of good nutrition, sanitation and health care, HIV/AIDS, malaria,measles,polio and tuberculosis mean certain end to millions of children. Aids alone havetaken more than 20 million of lives and may take millions more if trends continue. As of November 2004, women accounted for nearly 50 percent of the more than 37 million people living with HIV worldwide and for 60 percent in sub-Saharan African.(Ghana 2014 estimated 150,000)

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus is the most widespread virus in history, affecting multiple countries in West African. Cancer cases are also on high in Ghana.AIDs, Ebola, cholera,malaria and cancer are pandemic morbidities thathits the Ghanaian societies and waste lives. Campaign aim is to raise public awareness of signs and or symptoms of these illnesses and diseases. And also encourage people already affected.

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BACK2SCHOOL Sponsorship Program

The BACK2SCHOOL Sponsorship Program was the pioneer project which started in the year 2010 by the founder Mr Elliot Emmanuel Agripah.

The core efforts of H4TSP are to PLACE EVERY SCHOOL AGE CHILD BACK IN SCHOOL. This was inspired after founder; Elliot Agripah met a young child during her daily walk through municipal area of ATIAVI in the Volta region of Ghana.

Through his enquiries, Mr. Agripah learnt that this little girl had to work in order to help support her aunt/guardian. It was later revealed she was a house help for this woman, (of no relation to her) who had forbidden her from attending schools.

Moved by story, Mr. Agriaph single-handedly went from junction to junction/compound to compound throughout this farming community pleading with parents to send their children to school.

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Farming to help feed and support orphanage vulnerable children

The vulnerable support program reaches out to orphanages fondly referred to as children’s homes in Ghana. The homes support children who are orphaned by one or both parents or are vulnerable where a parent is either unable to care for his/her children, causing abuse or neglect.Some issues leading to vulnerability include poverty, physical / mental illness, incarceration, abuse and abandonment.

These homes provide a safe haven for the children until they become young adults able to fend for themselves. In Ghana the government does not support these individual orphanages. These orphanages depend on donations from well-wishers to meet their many running cost including food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare.

These orphanages are usually begun byGood Samaritan to assist a few children but because of many children needing support, many orphanages assist over 70 children. In the seasons when support is not forthcoming for their basic needs, the quality of life for these poor children is unfortunately affected.

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Enriching Children's and Teacher's Education and Skills

The educational support program reaches out to the communities of Ghana. there is great diversity amongst and between township communities which changes types of programs needed and individuals we work with and for.

Most of the schools in Ghana experiences difficulties and barriers to progress. This barriers and difficulties including truancy and inadequate of school supplies, no feeding and bad drinking water, illiteracy among parents and guidance, inadequate housing and land, insufficient service provision, limited access to and or poor quality health care, high unemployment rate, and a number of challenges associated to education and skill development at all ages. These ongoing struggle reflect the disparities that were created between people.

Lots of residents in the Ghana deprived communities do not have access to basic utilities such as water, sewage. Electricity or health care. Due to limited resources, schools in these communities greatly struggle to provide children with the resources they need to succeed in their educational career.

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Feed The Hungry Child Crusade

This crusade support program is to reach out to very deprived communities in every region of Ghana.

In some villages in Ghana where children are very vulnerable, a parent is either unable to care for his/her children, causing neglect or child abuse. These communities regularly face the challenge of inadequate access to basic utilities such as food,good drinking water, electricity and health care.These selected areas have high rate of unemployment and underemployment within the community. Meaning that, many families continue to live well below the bread line. This often results in families struggling to meet the daily necessities of life.

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